Are you planning to buy a washing machine? Then your life is going to turn out so comfortable with less efforts and work needed to spend on washing your clothes. But here comes the great confusion which type of machine is good in its performance and energy efficiency; which machine is good to go either front load or top load. Now, let’s sink into the process of finding which machine to buy. Before that, you need to know about these in comparison.

The drum is the part where you will be placing your clothes. When it comes to this, the difference is nothing; but the drum will be placed in a horizontal way in front load, and it is kept in a vertical way in top load. The pipes for hot and cold water come from the top in a top load washing machine. The pipes go over the detergent rack and flow into the machine. Like this, there are very similar functions that work differently between these two machines.

Though there are some similarities, the comfort you get may change as per your taste of choice. It is found that the front loading washing machine sound a bit costly when compared to the top load washing machines. It is found that top-loading washing machines consume more amount of water when compared to front-loading washing machines. Front loading washing machines mostly take water automatically as per their need and are designed specially to reduce water consumption. While considering the water consumption factor, front load machines get the point higher than the top-loading machine.

There is a common discussion among people that goes like top-loading washing machines are not reliable. Probably all this is based on the brand that you choose. When it comes to maintaining the texture of the clothes, front load machines are considered more because they try to maintain the texture of the clothes while top-loading washing machines might be rough over the clothes. Hence, there are chances that top-loading washing machines might change the texture.

Front loading washing machines spin a bit more than top-loading washing machines. So, front-loading washing machines are easy to get clothes dried quickly. As top-loading washing machines spin a bit slower, either you might need to keep the clothes in drier for a long time or you might be getting some wet clothes.

When it comes to maintenance, both machines need intense caring. As the sludge gets sometimes blocked in the machine itself, the smelling issue comes at times as the machines are kept closed for a long time even if they are wet. So, do allow the machines to dry out and then close the machine.

So, that’s all for the difference between front load and top load washing machines. Now you have decided what you want and which is comfortable for you to handle, either Top loading or front loading washing machine.

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